Jan 31st 2023


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IT’S BECOME ALMOST a running joke now how quick corporations are to switch off their rainbow-colored profiles come July 1st and get back to business as usual post-Pride Month. We’ve come a long way since Absolut introduced their rainbow vodka bottle in 2009 and sparked a wave of Pride-themed items (from Skittles to mouthwash). While more brands have been putting their money where their mouth is, the “pinkwashing” of regular products from big-name companies is still a concern, especially once the spotlight of visibility shifts off LGBTQ issues after June.

As the rainbow-colored merch leaves shelves, Alphonso David, President of the Human Rights Campaign says it’s crucial to support LGBTQ businesses not just during June, but all year round. “Supporting LGBTQ-owned brands is an important way to continue to uplift and advocate for our community beyond Pride month,” he tells Rolling Stone. While Pride month may be over, the fight for LGBTQ equality is ongoing.”

We here at LGBTQ.com look to keep our bright colors at top of mind, YEAR ROUND! If you own an LGBTQ brand or are an ally to the LGBTQ movement and own a brand, please do not hesitate to reach out to us as we'd love to have you join us on our site and in this movement!